Find the clues

You are not alone in an alien world. You are surrounded with plenty of clues. They are trying to help you. Just watch.

Resolve puzzles

Calm down and open your mind. Make the brain work. Mysterious puzzles following each other will lead you to the exit.

Return in 60 minutes

The countdown is on. Only sixty minutes left. If you miss it, the return may get impossible. Hurry up.

How much?

You might have a good dinner in the restaurant for this amount, though, will you remember that piece of meat?

Who is it for?

Come with friends, with loved ones, with colleagues, with children! Overcoming challenges together unites and opens up hidden unconscious.

Why us?

We are boutique in the world of mass production. We develop for idea, we value your time, we want you to get back.


Quest rooms

to escape from reality

From the creators

Normally, escape room owners limit themselves to quite a standard content on their websites, which makes them look identical like Chinese appear to the Western world — polite, complaisant, though, at the same time, disengaged and foreign, and, therefore — not conceived.

We want to offer here a humble long read (not that long, don’t worry) from the authors in some sort of ‘human’ language where we will try to say what we have to say.

Let it sound corny, but our rooms are made with love. We do not purchase ready-made scenarios or any kind of quick-and-dirty franchise solutions to make easy money on trendy amusements with a minimum expense. It is more a passion than a business for us. Or, boutique business, if you insist.

We’ve been creating quest scenarios for almost 10 years, and we’ve made a lot of mistakes before to avoid it later on. To understand why ‘impeccable’ author’s logic is causing bewilderment and perplexity so often. You will always find clues (over hints) that will help to follow the right way in our games, comrades.

We believe that quest is an intellectual pleasure, above all, and tend to avoid a popular superfluous shift to ‘show’ and ‘wow’. Surely, we know when to stop, and our visitors are in no way expected to have encyclopaedic knowledge, though, on other side, we would not attribute horrors and buffoon performances to a true quest. Don’t be afraid of thinking, the dose of dopamine obtained by solving the riddle is the sweetest fruit that evolution has given to us.

We care about style. And details. Do not save on props. If we realize that that thing from Papua is right for us we could wait for three months while it gets delivered with a homing pigeon, since there is no other post in Papua (joke, almost).

Also we strive to stand out. Not just thematically, no — although, it matters too, who will be excited with another nuclear bunker or prison. But, more with approach, and original ideas, that you will not find anywhere else (except stolen). We think about them every day. Constantly improve logic and mechanics, as there is no limit to perfection. It is easier to stand within the trend, but mainstream is not remembered.

In general, that’s it. Come by. We will be glad. Looking forward. Hopefully, you too.